Our first international Black Friday sale has arrived to Empress Brasil

As every retailer or shopper, we are all waiting for the week of Thanksgiving to indulge ourselves in the holiday gifting world.
And why do we love it so much? Well… it doesn’t sound so bad to be able to get everything we had on our wishlist for a reduced price, right?
We think the best example is with beachwear: If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, once Summer is over, you might have fallen in love with a bikini or a swimsuit and a perfect coverup that goes with it but…. The weather’s getting chilly and what your body is asking you for are sweaters and boots! You either plan a Winter getaway to Tulum and have an excuse to get that stunning outfit or you’ll have to think twice whether to prioritize that purchase or not.
Then, here comes Saint Black Friday, to bring us the light and show us the right path: yes, that gorgeous set is going to be yours, and sooner than you expected it!
So for all of you, our dear Empress Club, we have an exclusive 25% off SITE-WIDE this week so that you have that little motivation to get everything you wanted.

If you need more motivation, here are some tips:


  • Swimsuits as bodysuits: one of the best features about Empress Brasil swimsuits is that the cuts and prints allow you to wear them in a versatile way: think of them as a transitional piece, which you not only can wear at the pool or the beach, but also for a night out with a nice pair of high-waisted glamorous pants, or a pencil skirt (even with a blazer or a sweater on top during the cold season, after all, we’ll end up indoors every time!)
  • If you are in the United States, you’re lucky to have warm places to escape to during Winter time: how about a long weekend in Bermuda? A boat trip around the Bahamas? Some relaxing time in nature at the tiny island of Holbox in Mexico? We will be sharing with you our favorite tropical vacation spots that you can’t miss on your bucket list, and where you surely should bring your Empress collection.
  • If you’re a mom, and you love wearing matching sets with your babies, a discount always helps to make you decide whether to go for that second matching outfit or not. After all… kids grow so fast. Did you know that our baby girls’ bathing suits are adjustable and therefore wearable for longer? Yeah… I know.. not bad at all.
What we recommend you to buy:


  • Sloane bikini: our best seller design. A contemporary cut, high waisted, with a hardware golden detail on the front of the bikini bottom. It is chic, elegant, and appropriate for any body shape. It just works perfectly, a true statement piece. As a bonus, it incorporates a technological shapewear fabric which will keep every part of your body sucked in the place it should. What else is there to ask for?
                                              Sloane Bikini in black
  • Una body: another top favorite. Also from our more modern line of designs, this clean cut bodysuit comes with plunge neckline that makes it so flattering and feminine. Absolutely timeless, it is a great must have as it will challenge the pass of time, still being a key piece of your wardrobe year after year. Take our word for it. Available in different colors and prints.
                                             Una Body in ivory
  • Santorini Kaftan: close your eyes and imagine the ultimate luxurious yet lightweight kaftan. Yup, that's the one. It's traditional full length shape allows you to style it in different ways while you're in the resort. It's fresh, elegant and comes in our different exclusive prints, to match perfectly your favorite Empress swimwear. 
                                               Santoniri Kaftan in the Tropical Indigo print
  • The pareo: the most comfortable piece to wear over your swimsuit or bikini: easy on-off, it is a staple in our collection year after year, and comes in different exclusive prints. Made with the best materials to assure durability and comfort, to think about them as the go-to piece to wear over  for a quick stroll on the beach, is a no brainer.

                                               Pareo Villaregio Print

If you've liked our reccomendations from today, do not hesitate to leave your comments and questions below. Do you require any styling tips or assistance with sizing? Kate Maaskant and the Empress team are here to help you.


im so happy that that you finally have an international website! I’m getting my hands on the leopard prints, i LOVE them!

Patricia November 29, 2021

I’m loving this Black Friday Sale!! Empress Beachwear has been my go-to brand for years, as they have the best fit and prints always.

Erica November 24, 2021

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